4 Types of T-shirts Every Man Should Own

We can’t do without t-shirts, ever. There is such incredible comfort attached to men's t-shirts that we can even sleep in one. Whatever the occasion, we find ourselves half inclined towards the reliable t-shirt, the one garment which never fails to deliver. As fashion evolved and new trends came and went, the humble t-shirt also branched into different versions of itself, from a polo t-shirt to a hooded one. Here are a few such types that you must add to your collection to always ride the wave of fashion in comfort and style.

V Neck t-shirt

Perfect for the gym fanatics who want to show off their gains, the v neck t-shirt gives a small glimpse of the chest courtesy of the V-shaped neckline. A thing to remember while wearing V neck t-shirts is that it must be well fitted. Loose fitted or baggy v neck t-shirt is one fashion blunder you don’t want to make.

Y neck or Henley t-shirt

The Henley is an amalgamation between the V neck and the crew neck t-shirt. They are collarless and come with a button fastening placket. Henleys look great with casual pants such as cargos or chinos. Button one or button none, the Henley tshirt is one of the t-shirts that can be rocked with ease.

Polo t-shirt

Polo t-shirt is a classic. It is an essential piece of clothing for men. They come long as well as short sleeved and hence can be worn in any season. Knitted polo shirts are immensely comfortable in the colder months and can be paired with sweatpants and track pants. In summers, you can pair a polo t-shirts with chinos or jeans.

High neck t-shirt

A classic winter wear, a high neck t-shirt is best styled with semi-formal outfits. Don a blazer with a high neck t-shirt for a very clean and posh look. If you want to go for a more casual look, try the high neck tee with jeans and high tops.

T-shirts, with all their variation, from printed, graphic, patterned to crew necked, scooped neck and more, is an absolute necessity. They can be worn to college, to the office place and to run errands as well. They will never look out of place. Their undeniable versatility cannot be challenged by any other men’s garment. Find all your t-shirts needs and more fulfilled at affordable price only at Marcadisati.